Our Process

Our Point of Difference

Most commercial juice is made from concentrate which means the juice has been put through an evaporator to remove the water. During this evaporation process, most of the volatiles (aromas and flavours) are removed. In fact most commercial juice plants, remove these volatiles and sell them separately to flavour houses.

After evaporation, concentrated juices are then frozen. This freezing process causes damage inside the cells of the apple juice.

Sometimes the concentrates are stored frozen for several years (up to 10 years sometimes). At some later time, the frozen concentrate is then thawed and recombined with water.

Finally the reconstituted juice is pasteurized then hot filled at 70-80c for approx 20 minutes during which time the fruit develops cooked or stewed/off flavours.

Our Apple juice is extracted from a single gentle belt press process at approx 70% yield, which is equivalent in quality to say an extra virgin olive oil.

Our Juice is not evaporated at all so the volatiles stay in the juice at all times. This explains why it smells like fresh. This juice is not frozen or thawed and is pasteurized within hours of pressing.

Flavours are created by adding pulp and or juice of fruit represented along with a touch of natural flavour & vitamin C from our juice makers secret recipe book.

Our juice is pasteurized, then immediately cooled to 25c and cold filled into sterile bottles under sterile conditions without any preservatives, added sugar or colours.

The juice has a shelf life of 12-18 months at ambient temperature (<16c)

Our Manufacture

Our manufacture is conducted in a mechanised modern plant which HACCUP plan approved and regularly audited by Assure Quality.

Our Bottles

Our Bottles are all Grade 1 recyclable PET as identified with the "1" on the bottom of the bottle.

Our Products

An important characteristic of our signature apple based products is the development of flavours which are found in the New Zealand fruit shop.