Our Range

An important characteristic of our signature apple based products is the development of flavours that are found in the New Zealand fruit shop.


Available in: 1 litre

Not just any old apple- but fresh pressed on the day of packing, capturing the wholesome goodness and flavour that on Hawkes Bay apples can deliver. Showing a fresh, crisp apple flavour, with medium acid that comes from the blend of up to 4 apple varieties. Nothing more need be said- enjoy.


Apple & Feijoa

Available in: 1 litre & 250ml

Originating in South America, the Feijoa is a New Zealand taste sensation. Arguably also a New Age Super Fruit, due to the natural high levels of vitamins and minerals. Because of the limited seasonal availability, Feijoas are harvested and processed rapidly to lock in the distinct fruit flavour that New Zealanders have come to love.


Apple & Pear

Available in: 1 litre & 250ml

Combining two of New Zealand's favourite autumn fruits, NZ Natural Apple & Pear delivers a pear taste sensation and mouth feel second to none. The subtle pear characters dominate the palate and leaves a pleasant after taste which demands more


Apple & Gold Kiwifruit

Available in: 1 litre & 250ml

Gold Kiwifruit is a New Zealand icon of fresh fruit- lush tropical flavours that sometimes defy explanation because it is so new. Is it Melon? Is it Mango? Is it Pineapple? We think it is all of these flavours wrapped in one- captured in this juice from ripe Bay of Plenty Gold fruit. Gold Kiwi is an acknowledged Super Fruit due to the high Vitamin C content and other beneficial nutrients


Apple, Lemon & Lime

Available in: 250ml

This juice is the other citrus based product in the range- an entirely new flavour blend that delivers on taste, refreshment and satisfaction. Great by itself or as a mixer, ice cold or not- NZ Natural Apple Lemon & Lime is growing in popularity day by day.


Available in: 1 litre & 250ml

Originating from Hawkes Bay Orchards, Bay peaches are combined with crunchy Bay apples to produce a taste sensation that is second to none. Throw into a pitcher and chill in the summer, combine with boiling water in the winter – either way it is a taste sensation


Our products are found in Countdown Supermarkets and in all good Restaurants, Cafés and Convenience Stores throughout New Zealand.